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免费成长做爱直播有哪些Loads a TensorFlow plugin, containing custom ops and kernels.


  • tf.compat.v1.load_op_library
  • tf.compat.v2.load_op_library

Pass "libraryfilename" to a platform-specific mechanism for dynamically loading a library. The rules for determining the exact location of the library are platform-specific and are not documented here. When the library is loaded, ops and kernels registered in the library via the `REGISTER免费成长做爱直播有哪些*` macros are made available in the TensorFlow process. Note that ops with the same name as an existing op are rejected and not registered with the process.


  • library_filename: Path to the plugin. Relative or absolute filesystem path to a dynamic library file.


免费成长做爱直播有哪些A python module containing the Python wrappers for Ops defined in the plugin.


  • RuntimeError: when unable to load the library or get the python wrappers.

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